How do quartz work?

Quartz are minerals that are obtained from the Earth, for that simple fact they have impressive properties in humans that they give us through vibrations and when they have contact with our skin. There are many types and colors and it depends a lot on the person, their zodiac sign and what they are looking to obtain, the quartz that is perfect for them. If you want advice to know your quartz you can send us a direct message on Instagram to: @ insideout.pg.

How to know if a quartz is pure?

There are many quartz on the market that are not 100% pure as they are mixed with some other material. At INSIDEOUT we guarantee with certificates of authenticity that our quartz are natural, without any type of mixture and with the highest quality.

How do I know which quartz is for me?

Quartz adapts to the energy of each person and can give you many different benefits. Yours depends on what you want to get, your zodiac sign and the characteristics of your skin. We are here to support you if you would like to know yours!

How do I clean and charge my quartz?

Every full moon (once a month) you must clean and charge your quartz with the best energy, there are many rituals to do so, which we will tell you about in the "blog" section, but our favorite is to put them in a container with water and salt. sea (that covers them completely) and leave them 12 hours of moon and 12 hours of sun. Remember that regardless of the ritual you perform, the most important thing is to set an intention and give yourself a moment to breathe and connect with your quartz.

Where do our quartz come from?

All are 100% pure obtained from different caves around the world, depending on the type of quartz.