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"Blue is the closest color to the truth." Steven Tyler.

The energetic properties of lapis lazuli have to do with everything related to the voice, throat and communication. Stimulates the power of speech, giving confidence to those who wear it.

The lapislázulis enhance the job of your dreams and your physical abilities. So that your spiritual journey is easier and more enjoyable.
Lapis lazuli helps the body to let go of the feeling of stress, giving way to calm. And it is that this stone has an enormous serenity. Fundamental for spiritual fulfillment.

With lapis lazuli your body will be protected thanks to it activating the guardian spirits. This stone detects psychic attacks and blocks them. Thus giving back its energy.

With this stone you will be able to enter inside yourself, see your inner truth, promoting your self-awareness. In the case that you have repressed anger, lapis lazuli will make it end. This stone is also an amplifier of your thoughts. Its use will promote clarity and mental objectivity.

You will also be able to face the truth, express your emotions, thoughts and receive those of others. Relationships will also benefit from the stone. And it is that love and friendship will take a step forward, leaving suffering behind.

Weight 607 grams
14 long
10 width
5 height

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